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Bead Types

Beaded in-ground and above-ground liners snap into a bead track that runs around the inside perimeter of the swimming pool. Because the liner hangs inside the pool and does not overlap the wall, beaded liners offer patterns with borders at the top, which tend to be more popular. Beaded liners must be ordered with the correct wall height since they do not have extra material like overlap liners. Be sure to use our measuring guides to verify what the correct wall height of your pool wall is before selecting a beaded liner.

If you need to replace a beaded liner, one thing to consider is the size of the bead on your current liner. The bead size can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Branded Manufacturing offers bead types to fit all standard bead receivers on the market today. Please use the diagrams below to determine which bead type is the correct one for your application.

Esther Williams




Multi and J





Standard Bead Receiver In-Ground with Material Complete copy.png

Standard Bead 

In-Ground Standard Bead Receiver

Esther Williams COMPLETE copy.png

Esther Williams Bead 

EW Above-Ground Bead Receiver

Standard Bead COMPLETE WALL copy.png

Standard Bead 

Above-Ground Standard Bead Receiver

Multibead on Wall copy.png
Multibead COMPLETE WALL.png

Multibead on Above-Ground Pool Wall

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