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Swimming Pool Covers

Our three-needle long arm sewing machines are custom-designed specifically for Branded Covers.

Our stitching is straighter AND stronger.

Three heavy-duty needles are required for the sturdiest thread specified to exceed standards. Branded Manufacturing, LLC. uses a black thread that eliminates unsightly white lines. We use only the lowest friction coefficient chafing strips to protect your coping longer. Precision, custom-fabricated guides are used for hemming and strapping, guaranteeing the strongest stitching possible.

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Custom Shapes

Any size, any shape!

Strong Stitching

Our Stitching is straighter and stronger.

Variety of Choices

Your choice of blue, green, tan, grey, in solid, mesh, or high-shade!

Tools and Accoutrements

Fabric Choices

inground liners swimming pool replacement liner pool covers aboveground liners

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