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Warranty Info

1) Determine whether or not the issue is a manufacturing defect. Pictures are highly recommended before the liner/section is removed. See the Branded Warranty for determining what a manufacturing defect is.

2) Once reasonable evidence of a manufacturing defect is discovered, a RETURN GOODS AUTHORIZATION number will be issued. Ask your local dealer/distributor as to whether or not the entire liner will need to be returned or if a sample and operator’s initials with Serial Number will suffice.


A) If the entire liner is to be returned, repack it on the skid with reasonable effort and send it back to your distributor or Branded Manufacturing, LLC. as directed.


B) If only the defective section and operator’s initials and Serial Number are required, carefully cut out the defective piece, leaving at least 3” of non-defective material all around it (see Image 1). Then, proceed to cut out the operator’s initials and Serial Number (see Image 2). These are found at the bottom of a wall seam (please note that there may be more than one wall seam). Send both sections to the distributor or Branded Manufacturing, LLC. as directed.

3) Once the returned goods have been analyzed, notification of acceptance or denial of the claim in accordance with the Branded Warranty will be communicated within seven days.

Image 1 - Defective Sample

Notice the seam separation in the middle of the sample.

Image 2 - Operator's Initials and Serial #

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